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Inspiring Istanbul

The most remarkable thing about Istanbul are its cats. There are plenty of other cities on this planet full of stray cats but these look well taken care of. And it actually says a lot about the people of Istanbul. They feed and interact with the strays. While we do car sharing in Munich, they basically do cat sharing.

In Istanbul I followed my travel guide to see the most important sights. Normally you have to queue for a long time to get in. (View of Hagia Sophia)

Well, I visited in November which is off season. Not so many visitors want to explore Istanbul in rain and 10 degrees Celsius. (Blue mosque in the background)

Visiting Istanbul in winter beats the crowds and you can actually enjoy visiting the sites.

The site I liked most was the Basilica Cistern. In all the sites tripods are not allowed but luckily I was able to smuggle mine in here.

Chestnuts and corn.

Vegetable seller decorating his pumpkins on a sack of onions.

After a long walk through the cold and rainy streets of Istanbul it's quite pleasant to enjoy a cup of cay or herbal tea. (Or just go to the hamam)

Moslems on their way to prayer.

Turkish colours on the Taksim square.

In the herbal shop.

Buying Turkish delight which is very very sweet...

Getting up the Galata tower to enjoy the beautiful view over Istanbul.

In the streets around the Galata tower.

That's somewhere. Half the time I got lost. Somehow not all of the streets were signed in my map...

The really interesting bit of the Topkapi Palace is the Harem. (costs extra...)

The rather unimpressing Archaelogical Museum.

In the little side streets you will find plenty of antique dealers.

The blue mosque at daylight.

My school friend Samira who moved to Istanbul 1 year ago whom I met on my last day of my Istanbul trip. Nothing better than a local who shows you around!

Conclusion: I fell in love with Istanbul!

Turkey in November 2014

The Bavarian Alps

Good thing Munich is so close to the Bavarian Alps. As I started a new job in May and was on probation for 6 month I was not able to travel. Hence, I spend most of my weekends in the mountains.

Germany, June-October 2014

Christiane + Stefan

Christiane + Stefan got hitched on a warm summery day in Freital/Dresden. A bride in red to match the groom's tie, a lot of music and heaps of broken dishes. The never ending supply of yummy food, happy faces and a great dancing performance. Kindly enough the storm waited to show up only later that night. Perfect.

Freital/Dresden, Germany, 2 August 2014